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The Division 2 is filled with things to do, places to explore, guns to collect and enemies to kill. And after a massive sale and a new expansion, there might be a lot of players either returning to the game or playing it for the first time. So here are some updated tips for new and veteran players. This post originally ran on March 15, and has been updated and republished today. You can do this by playing the first game or, much more easily, reading the in-game dossiers that are unlocked at the start of the sequel. Note that you can flip through three different types of tips and then cycle through the tips in that category. The first Division focuses on how this led to New York City being placed on lockdown, while the government activated sleeper agents amid the civilian population to help restore order. Those agents are called The Division and you play as one of them.


Ubisoft released a series of “Agent Training” videos to help guide you through the troubled streets of New York. The tips are all basic stuff that we’ve all encountered playing other online multiplayer games. We’ll give you a summary of each section, and include the training video.

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Matchmaking Event: Small Business Opportunities with the Government

They’ve set up a weapons foundry to prepare for a full-scale attack on DC, and it’s gonna take the combined efforts of you and seven friends to thwart their plans. The truly gung-ho can also take part in the world first raid race competition, and the winning team will be memorialized in the White House base of operations. You’ll need to be level 40 and own Warlords of New York to participate in this raid, at least for now.

A level 30 version which isn’t tied to the Warlords DLC will be released on July 7, and a Discovery mode difficulty – designed to let players test the mechanics without getting killed in approximately two bullets – will be released in the future with matchmaking support. Operation Iron Horse comes on the heels of a string of updates for The Division 2 , including a blanket buff to almost every weapon archetype.

Learn how you can play with friends in Tom Clancy’s Division 2! Beginner Tips & Guides For New Agents Play Multiplayer in Division 2 Head on over to a Matchmaking Station in any of the Settlements, Safe Houses.

Here are six tips to help you get on your feet quickly. Rather, you upgrade your Base of Operations, which gives you new skills, talents, and perks skills are the active abilities you trigger with the shoulder buttons; talents are passive boosts that you equip — up to four at the highest levels; and perks are passive boosts that are permanently applied. This being the case, upgrading your Base is like devoting skill points to an upgrade tree in a more standard RPG. This will offer some guidance into which wing you want to upgrade first.

Consider unlocking Security first its missions and encounters are marked in blue , since its first perk is a 10 percent boost to all earned experience points. Safe Houses are wonderful oases of sanity amidst the chaos of New York. Each one offers new side missions, new encounters, a vendor, a stash crate — and a chance to interact with other players peacefully. But perhaps most importantly, they also provide destinations for fast travel.

Generally speaking, gray-colored gear is the most basic; green is better but nothing special; blue is some real nice-quality stuff; purple is seriously high-end kit; and gold is lovingly crafted in the forge of heaven itself… figuratively speaking. So you do need to take a look at the stats, too.

The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse raid out now for Warlords of New York

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3 Time for a change to matchmaking Rookie Tip – The vaults are a good starting point for novices to collect a strong selection of items from the Could a Pro Clubs / Division Rivals system be implemented within Fortnite?

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The Division 2 Gameplay Review, Multiplayer Impressions and Speedrunning Tips

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IGN has the tips and tricks, strategies, and secrets you need to Pull up your map and navigate to the left-most tab to start matchmaking.

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Six Tips for Surviving and Thriving in The Division

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. From your world map, open the Conflict Tab. You can find it on the list of icons as the phoenix with a skull and guns. Start matching to fill up the required number of players. The modes are random so you won’t be able to select which one to play.

Six Tips for Surviving and Thriving in The Division you are; simply bring up your map and switch to the Matchmaking tab by tapping RB.

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The solo player’s guide to almost surviving The Division 2

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Just note that you need to be within two levels of the latest main mission to actually enter the non-party matchmaking queue. While that’s going to.

Update 1. You will need the 1. Go to the Terminal in the Base of Operations down the stairs , it will be in the back to the right of the Recalibration Station. The score needed to win Last Stand is 15, points and these points can only be earned by holding Tactical Locations. You earn 10 points for each second you hold a tactical location. After 7 minutes of gameplay, fortifications will unlock. There are two kinds of Fortifications.

You can activate them using SHD Tech that can be found on enemies that you have killed and in crates in the Dark Zone. It costs credits to capture any fortification. There are also two kinds of Tactical Boosts. These can be activated using SHD tech as well.

5 tips and tricks for The Division 2

Is there a stigma attached to playing a multiplayer game completely solo? That’s not rhetorical, I’m genuinely asking. I know there can be a sort of weirdness to doing traditional group activities on your own, like going to a movie theater or eating at a restaurant. Which is ridiculous! It’s a movie. It’s food.

8v8 objective; Matchmaking (based on your recent performance and gear); Game TIP: SHD Tech is shared among the entire team but the points rewarded for.

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6 Tips to Succeed in the Dark Zone – Tom Clancy’s The Division